My partner & I LOVE rockhounding adventures!

We are so lucky to live in BC where we can find fossils, agate, Jade, opal, garnet, peridot, quartz crystals, amethyst, petrified wood, even Amazonite! We’re also within reach of beautiful WA & OR down south of the border.

We always plan at least one stop on every roadtrip – I must say, he does have more luck in finding super cool pieces. 

If you do plan on rockhounding, make sure the area you’re heading to does not have a claim. If it does, be sure to contact the owner ahead of time to ask first. It’s common courtesy to respect the property of others. It would also be lovely if fellow rockhounders would be kind  – leave some rocks behind for others to find. There’s nothing worse than searching for hours, driving up a steep mountainside only to find that the entire area has been cleaned out (unfortunately speaking from experience)

So far, we’ve been lucky to find: clam fossils and thunder eggs from Oregon, a variety of agates and mini druzy caves from BC and Panama, and common opal from BC.

Take a look!
(more photos coming soon)

Join a Rock & Gem Club!

Live in BC? Find a location closest to you & learn more: BC Lapidary Society
There are also wonderful clubs in WA, OR, & CA

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